MetaPWR combines resistance and bodyweight exercises in a highly effective 30 min HIIT circuit training workout using equipment such as kettlebells, battleropes, slamballs, powerbags etc. Burn fat long after the workout is done


P90x (60 MIN) During a class you will work on lower and upper body strength, core and cardio with exercises that will help you tone in no time. Build lean muscle and supercharge your metabolism!


Insanity (50 min & 30 min HIIT) This is the class that will transform your body! Ok so this class is a challenge but with modifications given for every move this class will make you dig deeper at any fitness level. 

Kettlebell Fitness

Kettlebell Fitness classes will have you working out with a combination of mobility, flexibility ,body weight and kettlebell exercises, we find participates progress very quickly with our very thorough teaching program. This class is a great way to tone up, get fit, build strength and increase your endurance & flexibility.

Kettlebell Sport

KETTLEBELL SPORT, Marble City Kettlebell Club is a national member of the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation the official Irish federation attached to the International Union of Kettlebell lifting federation.

Our team consists of youths and adults who compete nationally and internationally. Our team has numerous members of the national Irish team and we boast many European and World medal winners and Irish record holders. find out about what kettlebell sport is

Alpha Male

Alpha Male this class is a male only class.Geared towards lads looking get fit, get strong and meet and train with other males, too often as men get older we do not socialize as much as we used to when we were younger, family and work commitments mean you do not hang with your mates like you used. We are aware of the importance of men being able to have our own time, and so our alpha male class was born, a place and time each week where we can hang out and train and meet other lads in an healthy productive environment.


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